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Health Promotion and Protection

Health Promotion

Labrador-Grenfell Health recognizes that health promotion is more that promoting and supporting lifestyle modifications. Health promotion is the process of enabling and supporting people and communities to take control of their health and the broader determinants, including; education, employment, income, food security, housing etc., thereby improving their health( WHO, 2005). Staff continue to build on the foundation of partners, policies, programs and evidence-based resources needed to effect change in people, families, communities and policies to create and sustain a healthy supportive environment. Key initiatives include Regional Wellness Coalitions, Healthy Students Healthy Schools Initiatives, Provincial Wellness Grants, Baby Friendly NL, and Family Resource Centre programming.


Regional and Community Nutrition

There are a Regional Nutritionist and Community Dietitian available to provide nutrition expertise to support and enable people of all ages and their communities to adopt healthy eating practices and policies that will promote health and prevent disease. They assess the nutritional needs of populations, identify community nutrition issues and develop health promotion strategies and nutrition education programs. They provide nutrition information and advisory services to other community agencies, professionals and the public.


Health Protection Services

Under the direction of the Medical Officer of Health (MOH), the following programs are designed to protect the health of the public with legislative authority coming from the Health and Community Services Act, the Communicable Disease Act, the Food and Drug Act, the Tobacco Control Act and related Regulations.

  • Environmental Health

Environmental Health collaborates with the community and with other programs and agencies to identify the environmental health needs of the community. Environmental Health liaises with Service NL to ensure the legislative mandate of the provincial Department of Health and Community Services is maintained and acts as a consultant on Environmental Health issues for the regional Government Service Center. Environmental Health assists and works with the province in the development of Environmental Health policy/legislation and provides regional input on Environmental Health issues. Environmental Health identifies public health risks and offer education to the public about prevention methods.

  • Communicable Disease Control

The overall goal of the Communicable Disease Control program is to decrease the incidence of communicable diseases in the Labrador-Grenfell Health region. Communicable Disease Control Nurses work closely with environmental health and community health staff and the MOH to:

  • Provide publicly funded immunization programs.
  • Conduct surveillance for both known and emerging communicable diseases.
  • Investigate reported cases (suspect or confirmed) of communicable diseases.
  • Detect, investigate and manage outbreaks.
  • Provide health related advice for the traveling public.

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Health Emergency Management

Health Emergency Management involves analyzing hazards and developing risk management and mitigation strategies. Emergency response plans for the region and for each facility are being updated and emphasis given to preparation for a future influenza pandemic following protocols in the national and the provincial pandemic response plans. Educational initiatives include promotion of knowledge about pandemic influenza and key components of emergency management.



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