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Agency-Locum Nursing Education Portal

Welcome to the Agency-Locum Nursing Education Portal. In the interest of ensuring the delivery of safe and quality care to all clients and residents of Labrador-Grenfell Health, the following information is provided to assist nursing staff to make them aware of the requirements associated with taking a position at one of our healthcare facilities.

Questions about  these documents can be directed to the following:

  • Wanda Slade, Nursing Site Manager, Labrador West Health Centre, Labrador City, telephone 1-709-285-8300, e-mail wanda.slade@lghealth.ca
  • Sharon Penney, Nursing Site Manager, Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, St. Anthony, telephone 1-709-454-0193, e-mail sharon.penney@lghealth.ca
  • Roland Hewitt, Nursing Site Manager, Labrador Health Centre, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, telephone 1-709-897-2223, e-mail roland.hewitt@lghealth.ca


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