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Picky Eating

Some people will try a new food and like it the first time. Others need to try a new food many times before they decide if they like it. Everyone has personal preferences, and vegetables and fruit have a variety of textures and flavours that can take some time to accept and enjoy. The following are things your family can do to learn to enjoy these foods:  
  • Plan to eat vegetables and fruit because you enjoy them, not because you feel you have to eat them.
  • Provide yourself and your family time and repeated, unpressured opportunities to see, touch and taste different types of vegetables and fruit.
  • Be patient but persistent as it can take 15 to 20 times of trying a new food before you learn to like it.
If you and your family have tried a vegetable or fruit many times and you do not enjoy it, you don’t have to eat it. There are plenty of varieties and options to choose from!
Enjoy Veggies & Fruit with every meal and snack!
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