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There are many ways to taste and explore fresh veggies and fruit and still save money!

  • Pick berries.
  • Grow vegetables and fruit in your own garden, greenhouse or a community garden.
  • Buy only what your family will eat within a few days.
  • Buy at different stage of ripeness, some that are ready to eat and some that will ripen in a few days.
  • Store properly to prevent spoilage.
  • Do not wash produce (except leafy greens) before storing since it will make them go bad faster.
  • Freeze over ripe bananas to use in smoothies or to make banana muffins or bread.
  • Plan meals and snacks around what fresh produce you have on hand.
  • Buy in season at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.
  • Instead of buying pre-chopped raw vegetables buy whole vegetables, such as a bag of carrots or head of broccoli, peel and chop yourself.


Enjoy Veggies & Fruit with every meal and snack!

Need more time? Pre-prepared options like mini carrots and bagged salads are available at many grocery stores. These options often cost more, but can be convenient and save time.
Using Veggies & Fruit, CPMA NL Local Food Seasonality Chart, Food First Tips for storing veggies & fruit at home, from CPMA

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